Warning: Montreal Will Be Hit With Snow And Record Breaking Cold This Weekend

The day we've all been dreading.

The weather has been pretty annoying lately and it's about to get a lot worse. 

Over the last few days we've had to deal with dark mornings, ice cold rain and what I can only describe as frustrating wind gusts that make it really annoying to walk anywhere. 

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But that's nothing compared to what's in store for the weekend. So in case you haven't taken out your winter coat yet, now's the time. 

Montreal will be breaking the freezing records on both Thursday (-10°C), and Friday night (-8°C). The coldest it has ever been was -7.9°C back in 1995.

Via Environment Canada

Plus we'll be seeing the first snowflakes of the season starting Sunday and continuing into Monday. Luckily the flakes won't be sticking around very long this time around, but it will be still make for a very crappy Monday morning so bundle up! 

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