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Warning: Quebec To Be Hit By 30cm Of Snow And Freezing Rain

We may get a full blown ice storm!

It's going to be a pretty interesting week in Quebec. At least when it comes to the weather.

Over the next two days, temperatures will continue to climb, and by Friday, we may be experiencing some of the warmest temperatures in the country.

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But there's some bad news. After that temperatures will suddenly drop back down to O°C on Saturday and Sunday.

Via Theweathernetwork

The Weather Network is warning that there is a threat for what they're calling "substantial ice pellets" and freezing rain for Ontario and Quebec. Montreal is expecting 20cm of snow on the weekend

But it's not just a bit of rain, they're saying we may be hit with a full blown ice storm!

But that's not all sadly. Montreal is also expecting up to 30cm of snow this weekend. So basically, either way we're screwed...

Via The Weather Network

Check out the complete detailed report here!

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