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Warning: Toxic Water Advisory Still In Effect In The Following Montreal Homes

More info has been released.

Last night, at about 5:53 pm the city of Montreal sent out an urgent notice to citizens advising them not to drink the tap water in certain sectors of downtown Montreal.

Firefighters were called to Viger street at 4 p.m. because a valve on one the building's cooling system was having a problem. It turns out the valve was leaking a chemical into a nearby aqueduct.

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At first the areas affected were all the residences located on Bleury St., Côte du Beaver Hall, René-Lévesque Blvd. and Saint-Antoine St.

Via google.com/maps

The ban was lifted at 11:22 pm last night, but there are still a some addresses where the water advisory is still in effect:

  • 443 Viger Street West.
  • 445 Viger Street West.
  • 447 Viger Street West.
  • 449 Viger Street West.
  • 451 Viger Street West.
  • 453 Viger Street West.
  • 455 Viger Street West.
  • 454 de la Gauchetière Street West.
  • 456 de la Gauchetière Street West.
  • 470 de la Gauchetière Street West.
  • 1030 St-Alexandre Street.

If you live in the affected area you should only be using water to flush the toilet.

The Environment Ministry says the substance in the water was a pesticide and that everything is being done to ensure the safety of the city's residents. Citizens outside the affected are should not be worried because the water network was not contaminated.


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