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Watch Roosh V Get Beer Thrown At His Face In Montreal

Roosh is a Douche.

Every once in awhile, Montreal has a way of making you feel proud to live here. Roosh V, the self proclaimed pick-up artist / blogger (Wait that sounds too flattering, let's also add: misogynist, rape advocate and all around douche bag), was in Montreal this weekend to hold one of his "seminars." Only he couldn't, because as soon as the Omni Hotel heard about what this guy was all about, they immediately cancelled the event. Unfortunately Roosh managed to book another venue and incited his followers to harass those speaking out against him.

Here's where it gets good. Roosh decided to go out to a bar after his event, and that's when he had a beer pitched in his face. Then another and then yet another. The wonderful people at the bar then chased him out, yelling at him to "get the fuck out of Montreal"  but that's not where things ended. The patrons followed Roosh all the way back to where he was staying just to make sure he knew he wasn't wanted here.

One of the girls who threw beer in his face posted this:


Check out the video to see what happened: 


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