If you thought the only thing you had to worry about this weekend was rain, think again.

We've had some pretty good weather so far in October, and I was starting to think it was going to last forever. But unfortunately these last few days have been a wake-up call and whether you like or not, the cold is on its way.

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Which means it’s also time for the return: The Pissed Off Weatherman. 

And my first announcement is going to suck...

There's gonna be snow.

Go ahead, scream a few obscenities, no one will blame you.

We actually predicted this would happen last week, but since there is a rainfall warning currently in effect, we figured the rain would cancel the snow out.

However 2 of the top weather forecasting websites claim that the first snowfall in Montreal will happen this Sunday.

It's beginning to look a lot like shit-mas.

Of course there's no need to panic too much. (But it's totally acceptable to panic a little) The ground isn't frozen yet and the rain is expected to continue through Monday.

So even if we do see some snow, it probably won't stay very long.

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