You woke up this morning and for some reason you looked outside. Even worse, you ventured outside before even checking the conditions. Just from a quick glance out your window you can see the debris flying across streets, trees blowing aggressively and a ton of snowflakes spiralling and spinning in the sky. You can definitely also hear the wind crashing against homes and rattling window frames, which Environment Canada has just released a warning about.

Yes, conditions not only across Montreal but also most of Southwestern Quebec will be dangerous today. Just so you can be prepared, expect winds of at least 80km/h for the rest of the day with the possibility of conditions worsening.

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TL;DR Environment Canada has issued an immediate warning on a windstorm across Southwestern Quebec today that will bring 80km/h winds, with the possibility of conditions worsening. Visibility is also reduced due to snow which is causing dangerous travel conditions. More details below.

Luckily, we are supposed to be getting a break from one thing we're well acquainted to this winter: snow. Any snow you may see has most likely been blown from other regions, which Environment Canada is warning could reduce visibility when travelling.

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To ensure safety, use extreme caution on roads and highways today as well as any other time outdoors. Many loose objects and debris have been picked up at high speed by the windstorm, and could cause serious injury and damage to both vehicles and pedestrians. 

If you have the ability to stay indoors today, you might want to take advantage of this opportunity. Stay tuned for more information on todays windstorm in Quebec.


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