Last Friday it finally started snowing in Montreal and it hasn't stopped since.

At first it was sort of nice to see the snow again, but now it's starting to get a little ridiculous. The snow simply won't stop, and what's even worse is that it's a lot colder than we're used to. Just think about this for a second, in 2015 it was 18°C outside. 

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This year in Montreal we've had flurries on and off for the last five days, and according the Environment Canada it's only going to get worse. 

Today we're expecting another 2-4 cm of snow, and tomorrow we'll be seeing another 5 cm in the afternoon. 

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If that wasn't bad enough, Montreal will break the cold temperature record tomorrow.

The coldest it has ever been on November 21 was back in 1987 when the lowest temperature was -14.4°C. Tomorrow night in Montreal it's going to be -17°C!

And it won't just be cold at night, strong winds are going to make it feel like it's -22C in the afternoon so you'd better bundle up. 


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