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What Ex-Mayor Denis Coderre REALLY Thinks Of Valerie Plante

And some words for the people of Montreal.

After three months of silence, former mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre has made his first public statement on his successor, Valérie Plante. 

Coderre, who was very much a celebrity-mayor much like Plante, was attending the funeral of Father Emmett “Pops” Johns when a TVA reporter asked him about the current administration’s controversial tax increases. 

"Ah! I am not elected,” said Coderre, according to JDM. “People, when they’re in power, have to maker their own decisions.”

Coderre then slipped in a compliment for himself, saying that “everything” his administration did in the past was done “well.” 

Still very much a politician, Coderre didn’t directly slight the new mayor, who (sort of) forced him into a retirement from municipal politics. 

“I said I would not play the mother-in-law,” said Coderre, likening himself to an overbearing relative who criticizes the actions of others. 

But while Coderre didn’t say anything too damaging about Mayor Plante, he did have some choice words for the people of Montreal. 

“It's the people who make the decisions they have to live with. In life, we do not blame others, we take responsibility,” said Coderre. 

Translation: if you don’t like the tax hikes imposed by the Plante administration, tough luck, Montreal, you’re the ones who voted for the new mayor. 

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