VIA Rail Canada Unveils Unlimited Travel Summer Pass For $499

Anytime, anywhere!

Last month, Canadians absolutely lost their minds about the $150 VIA Rail passes being sold out. 

Sadly that deal is long gone, so if you missed out on it, there's another deal you may be intersted in. 

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The Via Rail Unlimited Semester Pass. 

Via viarail

This pass is for people between the ages of 12 and 25, and it allows you to hit the tracks anytime during your semester (120 Days).

***If you're over 25 you can still take advantage of these deals***

With this pass, you can travel an unlimited number of times anywhere within one of three different regions.

via @viarailcanada

You can choose between:

Kingston - Windsor / Kingston - Québec City / Windsor - Québec City

Click here for more information.

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