Poutine always has a special hold over all of Montreal, but during the first week of February, Montreal goes crazy for cheese + gravy + fries during an extra special food event known as Poutine Week. Already in full force since Sunday, Poutine Week is a celebration of all things poutine-tastic, and now Uber is making the whole food fest even better.

Teaming up with Poutine Week, Uber is offering you what may be the best promo we've ever heard of: gourmet poutine delivered straight to your door. That's right, there will be no need to brave the harsh winter winds to indulge in the cheesy-carby-goodness that is poutine. Just ring up Uber on your phone and decadence will be brought straight to your door.

Here's the basic breakdown of the Uber-Poutine Week promo:

  • When: Friday, February 6th from 11am to 2pm
  • Where: Various boroughs from the downtown core and outward (see map below)
  • What: 2 chef-crafted poutines for $25 ($12.5 for any additional)
  • How: Download/use Uber, choose the UberPOUTINE option, and that's it
  • Why: Because you want poutine but don't want to go outside

To get all the info on Uber's poutine delivery service, head over to Uber's official Montreal blog here.

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