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You Can Now Get "Churro Poutine" In Montreal

Two worlds have collided to make heaven!

So, you've probably heard of the churro ice cream cones, the churro cafe, and the churro nutella cake in Montreal, but now we have something that will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY. 

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The churro has officially fused with Quebec and become a "churro poutine" for a limited time this year. To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, which is taking place this Sunday, July 16th, you can pick up a churro poutine at two Montreal locations who serve some of the BEST churros.

Via foodora

It is referred to as the "Summer Poutine" and was created by Philippe Therrien of M Churros Mme Banane and Vincent Laframboise of Félix & Cacao. It's made with crisp churros, sweet vanilla soft serve, and customers have a choice of house chocolate drizzle (dark, milk, strawberry, and maple), PLUS a choice of toppings (hazelnuts, oreo crumble, and caramel). 

Via foodora

It will be available starting on Sunday, July 16 through to Sunday, July 23rd, exclusively through foodora's app or website, for pick-up only (8$).

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