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You Can Now Get $50 Bottle Service In Montreal

'More bottles flying then F1 weekend!'

We have officially solved all your Sunday night problems! No more spending hundreds of dollars on bottles, or getting into arguments with your friends about how to split the cost of the bottle, or getting scammed, or ETC. You may be asking how & why, and the answer is simple! This Montreal bar now officially has $50 bottle service EVER. SINGLE. SUNDAY. 

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The same bar that has brought you 10L Sangria Pitchers to Montreal now brings you a wild Sunday night every weekend. This is something totally new! For $50, you can get a 26 oz of vodka, rum and gin PLUS admission is 514% FREE.

via @laptitegrenouillemtl

Thanks to La P'tite Grenouille de Montréal ( located on 3435 Boul St-Laurent), we can all have a wild Sunday night especially since it is filled with music from the 80s. So, forget about all those other Sunday's where you drop a bunch of bills, and instead bring you $50 here for an EPIC time. 

via @laptitegrenouillemtl

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