You Can Now Get "Fish Cone" Ice Cream In Montreal

Your time will go by swimmingly!

You've heard of the "Pitch Black/Green Matcha" Swirl Ice Cream and the Vegan ice cream shop AND even the "Watermelon Bowl" Ice Cream, but I bet that you never expected Montreal to get "Fish Cone" ice cream. Well, Montreal has done it again with their fabulous selections of insane and crazy new ice cream trends.via @mtllovin

You may think that fish cone ice cream sounds kind of weird, but the truth is that it's CUTE AF and even more delicious than a regular cone.  Now, where can you get this ice cream cone? Well, you can get it at the BRAND NEW Hawaiian Themed Restaurant in Montreal!

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Kamehameha Snack-Bar is absolutely  spectacular. They serve lunch, dinner, superb drinks and even more amazing desserts like their fish cone ice cream! Their menu is inspired by Oahu’s North Shore surfing culture. 

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The restaurant officially opens this Sunday, July 16th and trust me, it is worth EVERY PENNY and the first thing I am going to order is the fish cone ice cream! Their soft serve options come in a variety of flavors and even doubles swirls (two flavors)!

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General Information:

Open: Sunday, July 16th

1190 Sainte-Catherine East


Monday to Friday 10h30 - 23h00
Saturday to Sunday 10h30 - 23h00

Pricing: $6-$13



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