You Can Now Grab A "Coffee & Donut" With A Montreal Cop, Just For Fun

'Insert cop donut joke here.'

Last year, Montreal police officers held a very special event. It was called "Grab A Coffee & Donut With A Montreal Cop". 

Citizens were encouraged to sit down with one of 40 police officers at a local Tim Horton's and ask them whatever question you've always wanted to ask a cop. 

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This year, individual police stations will be hosting their own events and the next one is tomorrow, May 17th between 11: 00 am and 1:00 pm.

"Police officers from neighbourhood police station 24 (PDQ) invite Town of Mont-Royal and Outremont residents to come and discuss with them during the Coffee with a cop event."

It all takes place at McDonald’s located at 1300 Beaumont avenue. 

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