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You Can Now Travel From Montreal To Ottawa For Just $33

The cheapest way to see Canada!

Stop what you're doing right now because we have an amazing getaway deal just for you. 

Right now is the perfect time for you to plan a little escape to Ottawa, and here's why. 

VIA Rail is currently holding a special deal on train fares called Discount Tuesday, you have until midnight tonight to book a train ride from Montreal to Ottawa for only $33! 

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Considering the price of gas in Montreal right now, this is an absolute steal!

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And best of all, the Ottawa Tulip Festival is in full swing! So in case you needed a little extra encouragement to visit our nation's capital, here you have it!

And in case Ottawa isn't for you, you can also take advantage of these deals:

Montreal to Toronto for only $44

Montreal to Kingston for only $41

Montreal to Quebec City for only $33

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