Nick Jonas Spotted In Montreal

Forget about Joe!
Nick Jonas Spotted In Montreal

Not only was Montreal blessed this summer with a visit from Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Sophie Turner, but his equally as famous brother Nick Jonas has decided to bless up Montreal even more! Just yesterday Nick Jonas was spotted in Montreal and he made it perfectly public via his Instagram story!

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The reason for Nick Jonas' visit to Montreal happens to be the fact that he has officially joined Tom Holland in the movie 'Chaos Walking' which is being filmed in Montreal along with X-Men and others. 

Nick Jonas wasn't just spotted in Montreal, he also announced his every movement from take off to landing in where he posted a snap saying "Montreal here I come"!

The movie is scheduled to start filming this week and will last until November, so bust out your stalking skills and get on the Nick Jonas hunt in Montreal!

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Already one fan has reported seeing Nick Jonas two days ago at Santos Tapas Bar! But the real question is where will he eat next?

📸| Nick Jonas on his way to Montreal (via Instagram story - nickjonas)

August 20, 2017

Nick Jonas meeting a fan at "Santos Tapas Bar" yesterday, in Montreal.

August 21, 2017

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