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No Dresses For Boys In Montreal

The question everyone is asking about gendered dress codes.
No Dresses For Boys In Montreal

The recent Caitlyn Jenner transformation has gripped the Internet and influenced readers worldwide, and once again Montreal is presented with its own story of gendered dress code debate. And let this be clear, the struggle is not whether the person is unsure of their gender, rather, it concerns the public's acceptance of said gender dynamic. As reported by the Journal de Montreal, a 16 year old transgender boy is being refused to wear the female uniform at his school.

The issue began as the boy wore the female skirt uniform at his school instead of the required male uniform. He was allegedly taken aside by administrators and told to remove the skirt or he would be suspended. His mother confirms this, and the students around the boy support his fight to wear what he wants by mixing the uniforms.

The boy, who must remain nameless due to his young age, has been aware of his sexual orientation since he was 10 years old, saying that he knew he was attracted to boys and does not want to undergo any sex-change procedures. Somedays he feels like dressing as a girl, and others, as a boy - presenting the gendered dress code tradition as one that is limiting and discriminatory. Ultimately, he prefers the freedom to choose how he looks on a daily basis.

Already aware of this now for 6 years, the boy has recently begun wearing high heels, dresses, make-up, and wigs outside of school - though he generally adheres to the school's dress code for boys while in school. The school and the Rivière-du-Nord school board is currently discussing the issue.

While massive support towards Caitlyn Jenner and transgenderism has surfaced online, much disapproval has also been resisting popular efforts to expand our notions of sexuality and gender. Is this case one of those that will open our local discourse on sexuality and gender? Let us know what you think, let's talk on #GenderedDressCodes.

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