No, This Isn't Photoshop. This Photographer Really Does Take Pics Of Dangerous Animals With Humans

Beautiful moments captured between animals and humans.
No, This Isn't Photoshop. This Photographer Really Does Take Pics Of Dangerous Animals With Humans

There is a beautiful, mystical connection between nature and humans; Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova captures this awe-inspiring bond with an intense vibrancy. The stunning contrasts between the girls and the animals will leave you enchanted and will surely take your breath away. Many of the animals used in the stunning photos are symbolic to human feelings and desires.

Snakes: A symbol of fertility

Bears: A symbol of strength

Foxes: A symbol of cunning trickery

Elephants: A symbol of luck

Owls: A symbol of knowledge

Caribou: A symbol of perseverance

Camels: A symbol of finding your way

Hedgehogs: A symbol of wisdom

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