'Nomade SO6' Serving Up The Most Succulent Sausages With A Unique Flair

Unlike Bouffons or First Fridays, Boufferie du Boul. St. Laurent is a much more intimate food truck event. Only a few food trucks are posted up on St. Lo just north of Villeray, rather than 30+, which ends up being a good thing since you're not awestruck by the amount of options available. Instead, you can calmly choose what most appeals to you and go sit on a park bench to enjoy your meal. Nomade SO6, the sausage food truck, can be found at Boufferie and is a perfect park meal option.

The cleverly named Nomade SO6 (ess-oh-six = saucisse, get it?) is all about serving up succulent sausages with a unique flair. You won't find an ordinary sausage at this truck, as SO6's menu features sausage concoctions like peanut coriander, smoked meat, cheddar bacon, and homemade sausage-pogos. Using only Quebec pork shoulder and homemade chips, sauces, and sides, SO6 maintains a standard in quality ingredients that results in great flavour.

On recommendation, I tried SO6's #5, also known as the Cote Levée. Two homemade sausages are topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, homemade BBQ sauce, and served atop polenta fries. Homemade sausages go a long way, as not only were SO6's sausages juicy and flavourful, they had just the right amount of fat to make it tender but not too greasy. The cherry tomatoes paired nicely, as they sweetened the dish along with the BBQ sauce, while the polenta fries soaked up all the delicious juices. Washed down with homemade iced tea, the sausages at SO6 are delicious and satisfying.

If you happen to miss SO6 at Boufferie du Boul. St. Laurent, well that sucks for you. But don't fret! Other flavourful food trucks will be on the street to satisfy your need to feed. Here's the who and when:

Wed 7th: Nomade SO6 + Saigon, je me souviens!

Thu 8th: Les Brigands + Nomade SO6

Fri 9th: Dim Sum + Les Brigands + Guru

Sat 10th: Le Cheese + Winneburger + Café Larue & Fils

Sun 11th: Les Brigands + Guru + Café Larue & Fils

Now get out there and get feasting!

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