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Non-Essential Businesses In Quebec Must Now Remain Closed Until May 4

Premier Legault announced this in a press conference on April 5.
Non-Essential Businesses In Quebec Must Now Remain Closed Until May 4

During the daily public briefing about the coronavirus situation in Quebec, the Premier was accompanied by the Minister for the Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, to talk about the current state of the local economy. On this note, Premier Legault told the public that all non-essential businesses must now remain closed until May 4, rather than April 13, which was the primary date announced.

He said this is a more realistic goal and that it continues to be a measure to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 in the province.

On a positive note, Legault said, in both the press conference and his Facebook post of the day, that Quebec is the place where people have respected official guidelines the most to remain at home in all of North America. This data was provided by Google, Legault noted.

Legault congratulated us on this, saying he is proud of Quebecers for following health guidelines.

In terms of the number of cases in the province, François Legault announced that, as of April 5, there are now 7,944 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. On April 4, there were 6,997 cases.*

There have now been a total of 94 deaths in the province due to COVID-19.

In the link below, you can watch a live feed of the Government of Quebec's press conference on Sunday, April 3.

Legault said it is more important, now more than ever, for us to change our consumer habits.

"Quebecers should by Québécois products," the Premier stated.

During the press conference, Legault assured everyone that the Minister for the Economy and Innovation and his team are doing everything they can to save as many Quebec companies as possible during this difficult time.

Legault said there will be a restart to the Quebec economy within the upcoming weeks — if we continue to strictly follow the health guidelines the way we're doing now.

"Physical distance is the most powerful weapon we have to fight this virus," Legault stated.

Below is the most recent update from Santé Québec.

Legault reminded us that we must continue with our efforts, and not give up.

*This article has been updated.

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