North America's First Ever All "Nutella" Restaurant Opening

Nothing beats Nutella, nothing!
North America's First Ever All "Nutella" Restaurant Opening

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Traditionally, Nutella is a breakfast spread, supposedly meant to be spread on toast and bagels. Nutella lovers know that is a limited POV on the choco-hazelnut crack-spread, as Nutella can be added to any meal, snack, or spoon with delicious results. A band of Nutella-junkies in NYC know Nutella is as versatile as it is adored, and so have opened an all Nutella restaurant.

Titled Nutelleria NY, the Nutella-resto isn't affiliated with Ferrero (the manufactuer of Nutella) at all, just some folks doing God's work and making more things with Nutella. To open in the Park Slope 'hood of New York, Nutelleria NY should be smearing on the Nutella in a few weeks, according to Park Slope Stoop.

The official menu for Nutelleria NY is still under construction, though some clues have been given to what will be available to order. Expect a bunch of crepes, a breakfast pizza (w/cream cheese, fruit, and Nutella, obvi), a Nutella-bacon-banana waffle-wich, and other Nutella-creations.

A magical idea, because everyone loves Nutella, butGrub Street points out that Nutelleria NY may not stay open for very long. Ferrero probably won't be happy that an independant store is using their brand for monetary gain and will get it shut down. Hopefully not, because knowing a full-on Nutella-resto exists, even if it's in NYC, makes us happy inside.

Check out Nutelleria NY'swebsite and FB page for more updates and info.

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