Notre-Dame Cathedral In Paris Faces Further Collapse Due To Rain

Rain is in the forecast for Paris tonight.
Notre-Dame Cathedral In Paris Faces Further Collapse Due To Rain

The world watched in horror last week as the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris quickly caught flame and then slowly burned for hours.

Now it appears the cathedral is under another, very different kind of threat, that poses an equally frightening risk of damage: rain.

According to the BBC, the architects currently onsite at the cathedral are working overtime to try and get the historic building covered before any rain can "cause further damage."

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TL;DR Rain on the horizon has architects worried that the already "waterlogged" cathedral will continue to collapse if rain starts to fall this evening, as forecasted.

There is rain in the forecast for this evening in Paris, and any water on the already damaged church is sure to bring more problems.

The BBC reports that the "waterlogged" vault of the cathedral had already partially collapsed amidst the fire, and faced further deterioration as firefighters attempted to quell the flames.

Any more water and the already damaged areas are likely to face "further collapse."

The BBC has noted that the chief architect in charge of the cathedral's reparations has made covering the landmark "the highest priority" as the threat of rain looms in the horizon. 

The plan was to build an umbrella-like structure that would cover the cathedral throughout the rebuilding and reparation process. 

But the special umbrella is not ready, and rain is in the forecast for this evening.

In lieu of the special-made construction umbrella, the plan for this evening is to erect an "emergency tarpaulin" that will cover the building for tonight and any rain that is forecasted in the upcoming days and weeks.

Then, hopefully, the bespoke umbrella will be ready to be put in place while reconstruction continues over the months and years to come.

We will update with any further details.


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