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November Is Peanut Butter, Nacho And Fondue Month

The daily food holidays of November.
November Is Peanut Butter, Nacho And Fondue Month

A new month means a whole new slew of food holidays to celebrate. November is fondue, peanut butter, turkey stuffing, and raising bread month, so feel free to indulge in these awesome foods all month long. Get creative and combine them all to fully celebrate the foods of November: dip some raisin bread-stuffing, smeared with peanut butter, into some chocolate or cheese fondue. Don't act like that doesn't sound magical.

November also has some choice daily food holidays to keep the food selection varied and scrumptious. Here are the best of November's 'nom days:

November 5th - 'Doughnut Day' (Montreal has some awesome places eat and partake)

November 6th - 'Nacho Day' (Get cheesy people!)

November 10th - 'Vanilla Cupcake Day' (Montreal's best at Simplement D Liche)

November 15th - 'Clean Out Your Fridge Day' (the perfect chance to finish all your leftovers)

November 16th - 'Fast Food Day' (learn from a pro and celebrate correctly)

November 26th - Cake Day

November 30th - 'Mousse Day' (the whipped dessert, not the hair product)

Winter may be coming but you got more than enough food to keep your belly full and warm. Get hungry Montreal!

For the full list of November's food holidays, check out Foodimentary

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