Nutella & Baileys Popsicles? Yes, Nutella & Baileys Popsicles

Get drunk on chocolate.
Nutella & Baileys Popsicles? Yes, Nutella & Baileys Popsicles

Photo cred - wikihow

I've decided that today would be perfect to combine two of my favorite food trends. Frozen alcoholic desserts, and simple recipes. My main problem with most foodgasm and foodporn type posts is that some of them are impossible to make or they require a bunch of cooking equipment no one owns.

That's why recipes that require 3 ingredients or less are at the top of my list right now, because I want you guys to be able to make them quickly and easily at home.

Luckily these Nutella Baileys Popsicle are perfect, because they only require 2 ingredients and they're right there in the title: Nutella and Baileys. (Okay fine, you can mix half Bailey's and half milk if you choose. But that's still only 3 ingredients, wanna fight about it?)

So since you already know what you'll need to make these it's time to start assembling. First, mix the Bailey's (1 cup or a 1/2 cup baileys and 1/2 cup of milk) and Nutella (1/3 cup) together in a blender until they are perfectly combined. Pour the mixture into Popsicle molds or Dixie cups and you're done, after about 4-5 hours of freezing of course. Btw, the more booze you add, the longer they take to freeze properly, so don't get impatient.