Nutella® Donuts Are Coming To Tim Hortons

Omg! Best news ever!
Nutella® Donuts Are Coming To Tim Hortons

Needless to say, Nutella is delicious, but combine that magical spread of hazelnut with Canada's favourite doughnut and you get a match made in heaven greater than a Hooter's in a Toys R Us store.

We actually caught wind of this sublime unison of sugary delight weeks ago, thanks to an anonymous tip. After contacting a Timmie's representative who could neither confirm nor deny the rumour, and since we've been pranked before,  we didn't even dare hint at the possibility of a Nutella doughnut as we simply could not live with ourselves if we were responsible for destroying dreams. It would go against our bloggistic, err i mean... journalistic integrity.

All that said, Nutella Tim Horton's creations are now a thing, as confirmed by Newswire. If you are not so into clicking hotlinks, the details are as follows:

Tim Horton's will launch its line of Nutella-infused doughnuts in Canada starting April 15, with a Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella® and topped with roasted chopped hazelnuts, and flaky Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella® an dusted with sugar. You will also have the option to spread it all over a bagel if you are trying to be "healthy".

Either way, as the nation's largest quick service restaurant chain, bigger than even McDick's itself, you'd think this idea would've happened a lot sooner, but what me worry - Nutella Tim Horton's is finally a reality.

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