Nutella Donuts At Tim Hortons Are Now Available In Montreal

The wait is over.

Good news everyone, we've been anxiously waiting for Tim Hortons to start selling their Nutella donut and now our unbearable 4 day long wait is finally over! Tim Hortons Nutella Donuts are going on sale today. As if donuts weren't dangerous and tempting enough, they had to go and invent this thing. How am I supposed to get any work done around here when I have this beautiful Nutella stuffed flower magnificence staring at me.

If that wasn't enough the unveiling of this masterpiece has been done in the tasteful and awesome ways we ever could have thought of. The chocolatey creations sits atop a magnificent iron throne made entirely of fondant layers. We couldn't think of a more fitting podium for this donuts, COWER AT IT'S AWESOMENESS!