Nutella + French Toast = The Nutella French Toast Cinnamon Roll

Stop eating your crummy ass bowl of cereal, or your boring old eggs, or, God forbid, your piece of fruit for breakfast because the latest and greatest fusion in morning food blows all other breakfast eats out of the water. Get ready to get mackin' in the mornin' on Nutella French Toast Cinnamon Rolls.

Don't be fooled by the long name, these chocolaty-spicy and sweet breakfast treats are pretty easy to make. All you'll need is white bread, Nutella (obvi), an egg, some milk, sugar, some cinnamon and butter for frying. Get the detailed ingredient list here.

Preparing these Nutella-tastic nomz is basically like making French toast, with a minor mod in the beginning. Instead of dipping simple slices of bread, roll up your bread with a mound of Nutella in the center, then dip into your egg+milk mix. Fry and coat with sugar to your liking, and devour, after drenching in maple syrup.

Fest your eyes on Nutella French Toast Cinnamon Rolls below. 

Your new favourite breakfast?

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