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Nutella + Pop-Tart = The Nutella Pop-Tart

Is there anything Nutella can't do?
Nutella + Pop-Tart = The Nutella Pop-Tart

Nutella makes everything better. Other than "humans need oxygen," the fact that Nutella is an ameliorating alchemical substance given to us by God's divine providence to make all foods more delicious is the only truth in the world. Yes, I'm being a tad hyperbolic, but you know deep down that nothing beats Nutella.

Even eats that are already incredibly sweet and decadent are made superior through Nutella. French Toast? Check. Cannolis? Check. Pop tarts? Now, thanks to, we can finally answer: Check.

Taking Nutella to your childhood breakfast (back when you could get away with eating sugar for a meal) the recipe combines the format of Pop-Tarts with the decadence of Nutella.

All you really need to craft these sinful snacks is some pre-made pie dough (homemade if you're legit enough), some water, an egg yolk, and turbinado/cane sugar or some good ol' fashion frosting.

Not hard to make, just cut the pie dough into squares, fill with nutella, press 'em together and give it an egg wash for that delicious brown. Frost, bake and consume. Take a look at the end result below.

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