Nutella Popcorn Is Now Something You Can Eat

Watching movies will be that much more tasty.
Nutella Popcorn Is Now Something You Can Eat

Photo cred - allesmetnutella

They say the most delicious dishes require the least amount of ingredients. That's probably why people like bacon so much. But we figure 2 ingredients is still pretty good. Anyways, I was sitting at my desk today when two of our writers Vanessa de Montigny And Queeny-Marie Noche made a bowl of popcorn.

I wasn't tempted to steal any until Queeny came back from the kitchen with a jar of Nutella and started dipping the popcorn. I jumped out of my chair and the bowl was gone within 5 minutes.

That's when I started my quest to see if anyone else had thought of doing this and it turns out they did. In fact some of them decided to top their popcorn with extra goodies. Some added marshmallows, sprinkles caramel and even M&Ms.

Whatever you choose to add is up to you. but for the base all your need is some pop-corn, some melted Nutella and big ass bowl.

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