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Nutella Stuffed French Toast Pancakes Is The Breakfast You Need To Treat Yourself With

Whoever listed Nutella as a breakfast food is a gift from God. In reality, the hazelnut-chocolate spread we're all obsessed with is far closer to an ice cream topping than part of a balanced breakfast, but when something is as delicious as Nutella, you don't really need a reason to eat it at any time of the day.

If anything, Nutella makes morning somewhat bearable, and nothing can get you out of bed quicker than knowing you have a some delectable Nutella to enjoy.

But if you really want to rocket out of the confines of your comfortable bed, you should learn to make the most magical breakfast fusion the internet has provided thus far, the Nutella Stuffed French Toast Pancakes, created by Kirbie Cravings.

One part French toast, one part pancake, all parts amazing, this is the breakfast that's closer to dessert but too delicious for you to really care. Best of all, making them is pretty damn simple.

Here's a rundown of what you'll need and how to assemble these so-bad-they're-good pieces of Nutella-stuffed heaven, and be sure to check out the original recipe for more details.

How to create these epic wonders:

  • Place pancake mix, milk, and egg into a bowl. Mix until combined
  • Cut bread into 1.5 inch thick slices.
  • Make a slit into the middle of each slice, being certain not to cute all the way though. Stuff with 1 tbsp of Nutella into the slit.
  • Heat pan on stove.
  • Dip Nutella-stuff bread into pancake batter until both sides are evenly coated. Place onto preheated pan and cook until the first side is Finished. Flip and repeat, then do the same with the remaining bread.
  • Douse with lots of syrup, and gorge.

Here's a photo guide for those who would rather just have a feast for the eyes.

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