Nutella Stuffed Raspberries? Yes, Nutella Stuffed Raspberries

Chocolate covered strawberries can kiss my ass.
Nutella Stuffed Raspberries? Yes, Nutella Stuffed Raspberries

When we talk about food porn we normally talk about some insanely complicated food combo. They requires a ton of work and you'll probably never actually attempt to make them. That's why we decided to write about this simple idea: Nutella Stuffed Raspberries.

For some reason, up until now I never thought of stuffing a raspberry with anything other than blueberry (Seriously though try it, it's better than stuffing a Timbit inside a doughnut). But obviously there's someone out there with more vision that myself because they've injected raspberries with - you guessed it- Nutella.

Oh what a glorious time to be alive! Chocolate dipped strawberries can kiss my ass and Nutella Stuffed Raspberries will hopefully replace them as the standard cliché romantic snack.

Here's how to make them:

Okay seriously, you thought there was an actual recipe for this? How lazy are you? You take a raspberry and you put Nutella inside, end of story.

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