Obama Is An Honorary Canadian And Here's The Proof

Obama has been in Canada since Friday, when he gave a speech and Q&A at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. The event was hosted by Canada 2020, an independent think tank in our country's capital.

While Obama has been here, he has been enjoying a lot of what Canada has to offer, like great beer, Tim Hortons and Canadian music.

In fact, the former President of the United States has surrounded himself with so much Canadian culture that we would like to officially declare him an honorary Canadian.

Here's a video of Obama bro-ing it out with Drake at the Raptors game.

Drake is the unofficial mascot of the Raptors, but he also represents "the 6ix" and Canada more broadly with his jovial, polite personality. If shaking Drake's hand doesn't make Obama an honorary Canadian, I don't know that does.

If you have Drake's approval, you have Canada's approval.

That isn't the only quintessential thing to have happened at the Rapors game, however. Obama was also spotted drinking Tim Hortons at the game.

This seems to hold true in Obama's case, as he was greeted warmly by fans at Game 2 of the NBA finals. Videos show fans greeting the former US president with "MVP" chants, accepting Obama into the Raptors fan club.

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The photo was Tweeted out by none other than Tim Hortons, the one Canadian company with the power to bring people together over their love of coffee and Timbits.

People were quick to wonder how Obama takes his coffee. Many, in the "honorary Canadian" vein, are thinking up suitable Canadian options for the former US president.

I think that, if that truly is a double-double, Obama will move from "honorary Canadian" to "actual Canadian." I mean, come on! Drinking Tim Hortons while cheering on a Canadian basketball team? It's almost TOO Canadian.

Of course, Obama also took the time to meet with Trudeau and share a beer.

Canadians make beer just as well as Americans, and by the smile on Obama's face, he's definitely a fan of the Canadian brew.

The only thing that would make this photo more Canadian would be if the two drank Molson Canadian.

So, after a weekend of cheering for the Raptors, meeting Drake, speaking at the Canadian Tire Center, meeting Trudeau and drinking Tim Hortons, I think it's safe to say that Obama is now an honorary Canadian.

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