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October Is Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Apple And Taco Month

A list of October's tastiest food holidays.
October Is Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Apple And Taco Month

Who knew there is a food holiday nearly everyday of the year? Fortunately, knows, and conveniently lists the month long and daily food celebrations for each month. Check in with us for a rundown of each month's delicious festivities. In the mean time, here's October's food holidays.

Oct. 3rd : Taco Day - time to get some taco flavored kisses

Oct. 9th: Dessert Day - so many ways to celebrate sweet and deliciousness

Oct. 12th: Pumpkin Pie Day - just in time for Thanksgiving

Oct. 15th : Red Wine Day - get drunk like a wino and be perfectly justified

Oct. 25th : Greasy Food Day - otherwise known as pizza and poutine day

Oct. 28th : Chocolate Day - be it white, milk, or dark, chocolate will be happily consumed

Oct. 31 : Caramel Apple Day - enjoy a sweet treat while getting wasted for Halloween

Take a special note on the second weekend of October, as it is National Kegger Weekend!

Aside from those awesome daily holidays, October is also Apple Month, Cookie Month, Pizza Month, and Pork Month, so feel free to eat apple-butter cookies and pork rib-pizza for 31 days straight.

For the full food day list, check it out here. Get hungry Montreal.

Which October food day are you most excited to celebrate? Let us know in the comments below.

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