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October Should Be Zombie Preparedness Month In Montreal

There is no harm in being ready for the apocalypse.
October Should Be Zombie Preparedness Month In Montreal

Photo cred - Robert Smith

A zombie apocalypse is bound to happen at some point in the near future. Either some crazy military science experiment will go wrong, a zombie bacteria will mutate into a full-blown micro-demon, or the world's collective fascination/interest in zombies will simply magic them into existence (like they rationalized the creation of vampires in True Blood, and yes, I'm aware how ridiculous that is).  Either way, we need to be prepared. That is why October should be Zombie Awareness Month in Montreal.

A tad geeky and strange, yes, though Montreal would not be the first North American city to create a month all about preparing people to handle a zombie apocalypse. All of Kansas will be participating in their own zombie month, to be officially created and sanctioned by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback this morning.

Obviously folks in Kansas are all too aware of the impending zombie outbreak, and even if flesh eating creatures of the night don't begin walking the streets anytime soon, the state recognizes how useful being zombie prepared really is. Handling the undead is much like dealing with a natural disaster, which is the theme of Kansas's Zombie Preparedness Month, because "if you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything."

A much more fun way to get families involved with disaster preparation (because kids love zombies, for whatever reason), the Kansas state government will also be hosting public seminars on how to to survive a zombie outbreak, even providing a zombie "disaster-on-the-go pack" to citizens. Hopefully the pack includes plenty of blunt objects, a shotgun, and the 33 rules of Zombieland.

Quebec planned a similar disaster prep eventonly to have it cancelled, with the theme switched from zombies to the much more boring and less culturally relevant theme of large scale floods. Yah, like that's ever going to happen, people need to know how to kill a zombie, not survive some water. Note the sarcasm mixed with actual disapproval in that last statement.

Montreal is pretty obsessed with zombies (our frequent zombie walks being but one example) so I don't see why the city couldn't adopt a Zombie Awareness Month, without the rest of the province . As an island, Montreal could be a haven for humanity during the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but only if Montrealers can recognize the cues of a person slowly becoming a zombie, know to always double tap, and if a formal city-wide plan to defend against the zombie horde is created.

As the Kansas state government pointed out, being ready for zombies makes you ready for anything, so zombie training in Montreal would be widely applicable, and not just a geeky fantasy realization. When walkers do become a thing though, Montreal won't be a Raccoon City situation, which is reason enough to make October Zombie Awareness Month.

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