Of Course You Shouldn't Break These Laws In Montreal, But MAAAAAAAYBE...

...maybe we just don't give a shit.
Of Course You Shouldn't Break These Laws In Montreal, But MAAAAAAAYBE...

Not all laws are created equal. There are some you obey because you know in your heart they're worth obeying, but there are others that you only obey because the government tell you to.

If it were up to you, these laws wouldn't even exist. Face it, the only time you obey them is when you're afraid of getting caught. But the fact is, they are laws and you SHOULD be respecting them, but maaaaaaaybe ... maybe we just don't give a shit.

1. Speed Limits

Admit it, unless you're being followed by a cop or driving though a school zone, chances are you aren't respecting the speed limits. Even the cops usually won't pull you over for going a little bit over the limit. That's because there is an unspoken "buffer zone". If the speed limit is 70 km/h, everyone knows you can go up to 100 km/h and you won't get pulled over. And practically everyone on the highway's fast lane drives at 120 km/h even though the limit is 100 km/h.

2. Talking about fight club

Okay so that may not be a real law. But everyone who has seen the movie has broken this rule. Shit, I'm breaking it as we speak.

3. Gambling

Gambling is legal for the most part, as long as it's organized. But technically it's illegal for you to bet with your friends. So you little unofficial poker games, and your friendly $5 wagers are actually against the law. All gambling must be regulated in order to be legal.

4. Downloading music

I polled about 30 people and I could only find 2 who have never downloaded a song or movie illegally. You can't really blame us. The laws are so lax here, the worst you get is a warning letter asking you to politely stop doing it. Go Canada!

5. Using your phone while driving

When you drive around Montreal it's staggering to see just how many people are either talking on their phones, texting, playing music or using it as a GPS. Clearly no one gives a shit.

6. Throwing away the previous tenant's mail

This has happened to anyone who has ever moved into an apartment or home that used to be owned by someone else. For months after you move in, you just keep receiving the previous tenant's mail. Some people put the mail aside, but since most of it is junk mail anyways, most people tend to just throw it out, but that's actually illegal.

7. Jaywalking

People jaywalk so much that most of us aren't even aware it's an actual law until a cops tickets you. We break this law so often we don't even bother to check if there's a cop nearby before crossing the street. It's even a shock whenever you hear about someone getting jay walking ticket. "Really? You got a ticket for crossing the street? ... Really?!"

8. Double parking

Hazard lights are there for emergencies, but most people think it's a magical "I can park anywhere button". It's one thing when you stop for 2 minutes on a small residential street, but we've all seen these morons who turn their hazard lights on and completely block a busy boulevard forcing everyone else to funnel into a single lane.

9.  Smoking weed

In Montreal, you'll have a harder time finding someone who hasn't smoked weed than someone who has. And the ones don't smoke do it because they genuinely don't feel like smoking, not because it's illegal.

10. Underage drinking

Underage drinking is very common, but that's because in most places you have to be 21. But in Montreal, you only have to be 18 and yet we STILL can't wait that long. We start drinking so young, we're already tired of going to bars by the time we're 17.

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