Offensive Halloween Costumes You Shouldn't Wear In 2017

Dressing up for Halloween is getting tricky these days.

You gotta find the perfect costume. One that is comfortable, one that won't fall apart by the end of the night, one that has just the perfect balance between sexy and slutty,  and most importantly one that isn't offensive. 

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Every year new costumes get added to the "offensive list" so just to make sure you don't here are the ones you should stay away from in 2017. 

***Just to be clear, these are not based on personal opinions***

1. Weight Based Costumes 

Offense: Body shaming

2. Gender Based Costumes

Offense: Joking about gender issues

3. Age Based Costumes

Offense: Ageism

4. Pervy Costumes (Or any costume that involves a penis)

Offensive: Joking about sexual assault

5. Day of the Dead Costumes

Offense: Cultural appropriation

6. Prisoner Costumes

Offense: Joking about incarceration

87. Hobo Costumes

Offense: Joking about homelessness

8. Cultural Costumes

Offense: Cultural appropriation