Okay, This Is Officially The Weirdest, Most Ass-Backwards Robbery In Montreal

As a big fan of crime shows and police dramas, I thought i had seen the craziest crime stories you can imagine. I strongly held onto that belief until this morning when I found out about this.

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A woman went to go pay her respects at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery in C么te-des-Neiges when her purse was stolen out of her SUV by a passing cyclist. Having none of this, she pursued the thief in her car and ended up colliding with him and running him over.

CTV Reported that at 9:30pm, SPVM received a call from the 44-year old woman saying that the thief was stuck under her car. He was then rushed to the hospital seriously injured but has since stabilized.


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The 46-year old man could end up being charged with theft from a vehicle and the woman could be charged with armed assault.

You literally can't write something this wild.