Old Montreal Will Have Free Downhill Ski Slopes This Weekend

Crayski will be crazy at Place Jaque-Cartier.
Old Montreal Will Have Free Downhill Ski Slopes This Weekend

Photo cred - Vieux Port de Montreal

Having to travel outside of the city to go skiing is kind of a big hassle. Why can't the hills come to you? Moving a mountain isn't exactly easy, but there is an alternative: "Crayski" in Old Montreal this weekend, where you can ski it up without even leaving Montreal.

Open entirely to the public this weekend (January 23-25) from 6pm to 9pm at Place Jacque-Cartier, Crayski will be an urban winter playground unlike anything seen before in Montreal. Both a small and "mini-mega" slope will be set up, meaning winter warriors of any skill level can enjoy the slopes.

Don't even worry about bringing your own skis either, because they'll be right there for you, at the low low price of free-ninety-nine.

Anyone who hates hitting the slopes will still have a reason to check out Crayski, as the entire PJC area will be decked out for outdoor chilling, while not being cold. Tiny furnaces will be set up, paired up with seating, and DJs will be on-site to get you grooving after you're done with your post-skiing relaxation sesh.

Take a peek at what the Crayski area will look like below, and head to the official Facebook page for more details.