Old Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica "Enchanted" Lazer Light Show Is Freaking AMAZING!!! (20 Photos)

A breathtaking way to get mind blasted in the city.
Old Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica "Enchanted" Lazer Light Show Is Freaking AMAZING!!! (20 Photos)

Alright, guys, who here knows about Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica (110 Notre-Dame St W)?

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It's only one of the most popular Basilicas/churches in the whole entire world, friends, and one Montreal company knows exactly how to celebrate it in just exactly the right way.

Aura Basilique, put on by Montreal's Moment Factory, is a lazer light show taking place inside the Basilica. The show is going down throughout the year. Tickets cost roughly $25; and trust, it's so, so worth it! 

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