Old Montreal's Secret Hotel Restaurant

It's out of this world.
Old Montreal's Secret Hotel Restaurant

Montreal's Boutique Hotel the W has opened its door to an artistic and vibrant new restaurant. Ê.a.t.

Short for Être avec toi (being with you) is an exquisite concept of fine dining in style.

The restaurant is owned by Peter Chase, founder of the group BPC and Montreal partner Duane Holder.

The menu was created by Chef Alan Ashkinaze’s, with Executive Chef Sebastien Giannini in house.

The restaurant has been opened for a little more than a month now, and it's already making a lot of noise; from the press to positive reviews on its service and quality.

I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and decided to go check it out for myself - and right on time for my birthday.

photo cred - Stephane Brugger

The first reaction when you walk in is WOW! The Architectural Concept was produced by Sid Lee, whose recognized for its artsy decors. 

When you walk into the grand restaurant, you are faced with an open seating arrangement that overlooks the entire place. The walls are painted with art work from 15 Montreal street artists that put together the restaurant's signature look.

Although the colours are vibrant and exciting, the mood is warm, transcendent, making for a perfect dinner ambiance.

We were greeted by the Director himself, Mark Giroux who welcomed us and explained the very different concept that differentiates their menu.

The concept behind E.a.t is their shareable platters which allows you to get a taste of everything.

Given that we were a big group, the waiter recommended we shared the "Royal Platter" which has a combination of oysters, lobster, shrimps, mussels and much more.

photo cred - Mademoiselle Jules

It was delicious!

Then for the mains, we shared the Côte de boeuf with shallots with the sides of the Broccolini, and Cauliflower with almonds, raisins & curry oil.

The meat came out on a gigantic plate with the bone bigger than my arm. The meat itself was tender, sweet, and had a perfect blend of spices on a bed of the "bordelaise" house sauce.

The restaurant prides itself on their use of fresh ingredients, which is why they update their menu every four months, according to the season.

photo cred - davidalexxander

We finished off the night with the grand slam - they call it the "Mount Royal" dessert, - I call it a little piece of heaven.

It was an experience worth the wait.

Not only do they deliver a great dinner experience, but they also make a mouth watering brunch.

Starting this Sunday from 11am to 4 pm they will launch the beginning of their Brunch with a twist - having DJ Donald Lauture spin while you can enjoy mimosas and eggs benedicts.

Come try it out for yourself - I promise you won't regret it. 




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