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Olivia Munn And James McAvoy Spotted Eating At Montreal's Lavanderia Restaurant

The X-Men are back at it again folks, and this time they're out for dinner. The group, consisting of Olivia Munn, James McAvoy, Lucas Till, Hutch Parker, Rose Byrne, Aaron Rodgers and Simon Keilberg, made their way down to Westmount to get some grub.

The restaurant of choice was Lavanderia, a Montreal gem owned by the famous Antonio Park. Antonio not only owns the critically acclaimed Lavanderia but he is also the creator of the Montreal favourite, Park, located right next door. So it's no wonder the X-Men crew found themselves there. Park posted the photo of the star studded cast ( and himself, of course ) smiling over some heaping glasses of red wine.

Needless to say, the group looks to be enjoying their stay in Montreal. Even though James has been becoming increasingly bald as time goes on. Any who, make sure to keep a keen eye out on the streets this summer, the celebrities are all around us.

If you're interested in learning more about Lavanderia, click here. And for more spotted celebrities in  Montreal, click here.

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