Photo cred - Hugo Ste-Marie

One-time The OC heartthrob Olivia Wilde and soon-to-be-husband/ex-SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis were spotted all over the streets of Montreal this past weekend, doing the whole tourist thing, while probably checking out a few bands at Osheaga. At one point the duo, without the baby in tow, took the metro, and got spotted by a Montrealer who couldn't help but snap some pics.

Hugo Ste-Marie is the man behind the camera who captured Wilde and Sudeikis on the metro. We also owe Dustin Alexander for tipping us off about the photos, so give thanks to these guys for the candid glimpse into the lives of two Hollywood stars. Add this couple to the long list of ongoing celebrity sightings this summer in Montreal, including Xavier Dolan, P.K. Subban, Seth Rogen, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

According to DailyMail, Wilde and Sudeikis were on a couple's vacation in Montreal, leaving their three month old son Otis behind. A bunch of pics of the pair being all cute in the streets of Montreal are already online, with the two looking like serious tourists. The metro pics seem to be taken on a different day as the DailyMail pics, given the wardrobe changes, so it looks like the duo spent some legit time taking in the sights of Montreal.

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