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Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Will Have A Skating Rink This Winter

The most fun part of the season.

Alright, friends, the snow has officially hit. Which, sure, means a whole lot of transportation problems and a general, unified sense of rage... but! It also means a whole lot of pretty great things, too.

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Like what, I hear you asking? Like beautiful snowy, winter sights; cozy holiday season vibes; and awesome Montreal activities.

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It's pretty much a known fact that some of the best Montreal activities involve the Olympic Stadium, and some of the best Montreal activities in the wintertime involve ice skates.

So imagine how much fun it is when two of the best things in the city combine.

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Every year, the Esplanade Financière Sun Life section of Montreal's Olympic Stadium (4545 Pierre-De Coubertin) transforms into a giant, refrigerated outdoor ice rink.

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Although the official details have yet to be released about this year's ~transformation~, skating rink season in Montreal usually begins in December, when the weather's cold enough to sustain the ice.

So just make sure you check out the Olympic Stadium's social channels or website for updates, or give them a call.

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Sounds like the most fun you can have on ice? Then check out the Olympic Stadium's Facebook page for more updates.

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