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OMG! The Ramen Fries Poutine Now Exists

Holy junk food, Batman!
OMG! The Ramen Fries Poutine Now Exists

Ramen, probably the most versatile noodle out there. They may be meant for soup, but the meals that have been created using ramen noodles are simply mind boggling. There's Ramen Pizza, Ramen Grilled Cheese and even Ramen Burgers. There was also that one time where someone tried to pour gravy and cheese curds over the noodles to make a sort of ramen poutine. Well buzzfeed had taken that idea and ran with it. They made actual fries made of ramen noodles and used them to create the ultimate ramen noodle poutine.

Making it is surprisingly simple,  all you need is:  ramen noodles, gravy, cheese curds, an egg,  some oil, some tin foil and a freezer. Just follow these 6 easy steps:

1. Boil your noodles until they are soft.

2. Beat an egg in a bowl and mix it with your noodles.

3. Flatten the noodles into a rectangle, seal it in tin foil and freeze it for an hour.

Photo cred - buzzfeed

4. Cut the frozen noodles into fry shaped strips

5. Lightly fry them in oil

6. Top it all off with cheese and gravy.