OMG! Sriracha Hummus Is Coming

It does not get any better than this.
OMG! Sriracha Hummus Is Coming

Photo cred - elitedaily

Hummus, the classic Middle Eastern spread that gives pitas a reason to exist. It tastes amazing and it's good for you, in fact I'm pretty sure it's one of the only healthy dips out there, even those fancy artichoke and spinach dips are terrible for you. There's no shortage of hummus flavors out there either: Garlic, pine nuts, red peppers and even sun dried tomatoes.

According to Elite Daily, the company Pop Gourmet is planning on teaming up with Sriracha to release a whole new line of products flavoured with the iconic hot sauce.

They've already created Sriracha popcorn, and Sriracha chips are apparently on the way. But the company is also envisioning a whole other set of Sriracha food. There have been talks about a Sriracha ketchup,  Sriracha mayonnaise, powdered Sriracha and -wait for it- Sriracha hummus. And hummus goes well with everything, even coffee apparently.

Why do I feel like the invention of this product will cause my shawarma consumption to skyrocket. I may even have to start bringing my own when I go to Boustan.


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