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OMG, Starbucks Dropped A New "Pink Drink", And It Has A Donut On Top

Literally the cutest thing you could ever order.
OMG, Starbucks Dropped A New "Pink Drink", And It Has A Donut On Top

If you've ever been to Starbucks with me, then you know one thing: the secret menu "Pink Drink" is my life.

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It's literally the tastiest drink you can make, guys. And since it's not officially part of the menu, it can totally change depending on what you like, as long as it's got coconut milk and some kind of berry mixer in there.

via @ciaomiranda12

Personally, I like my pink drink as a combination of Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher and coconut milk instead of water.

Some spots carry the Strawberry Acai Refresher, and if they do, then you can order that as a base (with coconut milk and no water) instead... but in my experience, most spots in Montreal have the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher only.

via @paulsfoodhaul

However, since it is Starbucks, you can customize your drink pretty much any way you want.

Like on intrepid Starbucks consumer, who decided not only to recreate the secret menu Pink Drink... but with a donut on top.

via @nonstopeats

It doesn't take much ingenuity to create this one, friends. First, get your hands on a Starbucks Pink Drink (by giving the recipe described above to your barista).

Then, get your hands on a donut. Legit any donut. The brighter and more colorful the better, although for convenience's sake, you could grab one of Starbucks' delicious donuts.

via @paulsfoodhaul

Next, place your donut on top of your Pink Drink. Put the straw through the donut hole... and voila. A Donut Pink Drink.

You're welcome, friends. You're welcome. 

via @nonstopeats

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