OMG! This Montreal Restautant Will Serve $1 Poutines Next Week

At this stage in the game, I'm sure we all know that poutine is life. It's kind of obvious just how amazing Montreal's most iconic meal truly is - but there's just something about those crispy fries, that thick, savoury sauce, and those fresh, squeaky cheese curds that make this dish unlike anything else.

In fact, I'm betting it's pretty safe to say that there's no such thing as a bad poutine. Sure, you can have one in particular you like more than others... but every poutine is beautiful in its own way. And when a poutine costs $1? Well, that pretty much elevates its status from "beautiful" to "awe-inspiring."

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And L'Gros Luxe will very soon be inspiring some serious awe in the hearts of every Montrealer this coming Wednesday April 20, 2016, between 4:20 PM and midnight. Celebrating its one year anniversary in the best way anyone has ever celebrated an anniversary, L'Gros Luxe Vieux-Longueuil is serving up their L'Gros Luxe poutine for only one dollar with the purchase of  a drink.

Of course, if you're not a fan of poutine, then don't worry. L'Gros Luxe Vieux-Longueuil's dollar deal will also include fried pickles (!!!) and fried cookie dough, which basically means that you can score yourself some awesome munchies for pocket change.

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If this sounds like the deal of the century, then check out L'Gros Luxe Vieux-Longueuil's Facebook page for more information.

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