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This Man Refused To Grow A Normal Beard. What He Decided To Do Next Is Super Creative

A tumblr taking beards to whole new levels.
This Man Refused To Grow A Normal Beard. What He Decided To Do Next Is Super Creative

If you're reading this, it's because you love beards, which basically says your sane and at least have some good taste. Beards are beautiful and every man should have one. One man, however, is taking beard to whole new levels, as he answers the question on humanity's mind since the dawn of time:

Will it beard?

An instagram account of bearded preportions, WillItBeard is a tumblr-blog by married duo Pierce and Stacy Thiot. Basically the couple stuffs random items into Pierce's beard to see if it sill stay in there. Like any good beard, Thiot's holds its form and looks friggin awesome while doing it.

See the bearded glory in the photos below. Follow 'em on Instagram for more.

Thiot used Razors! It's not very effective...

Contrary to popular belief, babies DO beard.

Forget meatballs, I want spaghetti and beard.

The sweetest beard there ever was

He's about to eat a steak, this is just bearded-forethought.

Unlike their pink counterparts, gummy worms thrive in beards, not dirt.

That beard is on fire! Sorry, that one was too easy to pass up

This is what happened when a bearded man drinks too many Mai-Tais

For more magical beards, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte


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