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10 Photos From One Montreal Photographer's Day In Mile End

Mile End by Alex Godbout Simard.
10 Photos From One Montreal Photographer's Day In Mile End

Photo cred - Alex Godbout Simard

Montreal has many unique neighborhoods, each with their own special feel and one-of-a-kind vibes, and no other borough embodies that statement more then the Mile End.

A mix of diverse demographics (Hasidic Jews, young families, students, and, of course, hipsters), a combination of modern and historical architecture, and a wide variety of independently owned cafes, shops, and eateries make the Mile End unlike all othre 'hoods in Montreal. Plus, bagels.

Photographer Alex Godbout Simard took his camera to the iconic borough and documented a day in Montreal's Mile End. Simard captures the essence of the area with his lens, and you truly get the "Mile End experience" through his photo series.

When in Mile End, you'll see...

Cool artwork and graffiti

Young parents with their kids

A few badass Hasidic Jews

Adorable ones too

And, of course, hipsters in trendy cafes

Contrary to what this picture makes you think, ET's dad does not live in Mile End

How did you like these photos of Mile End?

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