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One Of Montreal's Biggest Terrasses Is Now Open On Lachine Canal

The love I hold for Montreal's Sud-Ouest neighbourhoods is not at all a secret. 

I am pretty adamant about vocalizing how much I love the canal, St. Henri and this whole area, in general, that is just booming with energy. 

Between Atwater Market (which is the best in the city, fight me if you disagree), all the new local businesses and bars opening up and, of course, the amazing Lachine Canal - Montreal's Sud-Ouest is quickly becoming the hottest area of the city. 

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St. Henri is also home to one of Montreal's greatest companies, St. Ambroise. 

St. Ambroise beers and drinks are a Montreal staple. Seriously, the logo and iconic red umbrellas can be seen just about everywhere in Montreal. 

They are all over every beer garden, festival, and sure to be in your favourite watering hole. 

St. Ambroise also has one of the biggest summer terrasses in Montreal. It is HUGE. 

Okay, it may not offer the panoramic views like some rooftop terrasses do. Maybe it's not situated among a ton of other curbside patios, stretching as far as the eye can see - but it is huge, and it's always a great spot to be! 

St. Ambroise Terrasse is like a massive picnic grounds. With tons of great beers on tap - as one would expect from such a big brewing company - the terrasse grounds are packed full with red picnic tables and situated perfectly right on one of my favourite things in Montreal. Can you guess what that is? 

Via St. Ambroise Terrasse

The Canal, of course! 

St. Ambroise Terrasse offers up daily drink specials, and good food, too! 

They are now officially open for the season. So next time you plan a day out, I suggest grabbing yourself a BIXI and going for a ride down to, and along Lachine Canal. 

Head east down the Canal and on the north side of the water you will find St. Ambroise Terrasse nestled beautifully along the water right by another "so Montreal" sight to see - an abandoned industrial building adorned with graffiti!

@stambroisebiereembedded via  

St. Ambroise Terrasse is open 7 days a week, all summer long, usually until around September 25 when the autumn weather starts the set in. 

The Montreal brewing juggernaut opens it's terrasse gates at 4 p.m. between Monday and Thursday, and they open earlier between Friday and Sunday - when the beers start flowing at noon, sharp. 

If you have yet to experience this local gem, what are you waiting for? 

St. Ambroise Terrasse is waiting for you. Beers in hand, and the BBQ menu going strong! 

Follow the official St. Ambroise Terrasse Facebook page and keep updated with special events and offers all summer long!

See you there, and Happy Summer! 

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